Square Two

Time seems to go by so fast when you haven’t blogged! On top of being busy, I haven’t really done too much with my hair.

Last week, I had a twistout for the entire week and this week my hair has been in a bun (my favorite bun), partially out of laziness and partially because it was supposed to rain all week. This is my favorite bun because it’s huge. Nothing exciting here.



On Saturday I’m supposed to go to see “A Streetcar Named Desire” on Broadway. I was trying to think of a cute hairstyle, but my creativity has left me.

Remember when I straightened my hair? Well, I made the mistake of putting gel in my hair the third week. My hairline hasn’t been the same since! Back to square one. Ok… maybe square two. It’s not as horrible as its been in the past, but it’s not great.

More details to come on what has me preoccupied…


3 thoughts on “Square Two

  1. Hey stranger!! Congrats on your new certification and job! And, let us know how “Streetcar” is!!! Wei and I were talking about it a week ago. I’ve never seen the play or movie, but have known of it for decades. I read a synopsis to understand the plot. So, want to know what you think of it after you see it!!

    And sorry about the hairline thing! Have you used the TMW to see if it’ll help resolve it? You know bentonite clay can be used as a face mask too:)!

    • I’ll keep u posted about the play. You should just go anyway tho! Lol

      As far as my hairline goes, I went back to using my Selsun Blue. Wait, I’m not sure I really stopped using Selsun Blue.

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