New Hair Goals

I think the textured bun will be my go-to style for now. It just occurred to me that I haven’t used my bun maker in a while. I think when I straightened my hair, I realized how long it was getting and that I may not need the bun maker to have a full bun.

What I like most about the textured bun style is that I can do it on wet hair, but hopefully won’t have the problem of ssk’s. Before I was just wrapping my hair around the bun maker, so my ends were sort of haphazard under there. For the textured bun, I twist my hair after putting it into a ponytail. This should prevent my ends from forming ssk’s. Right?

My main focus is on my scalp now. I would LOVE to be the person who can go 2 weeks without washing my hair and without it feeling like I’m going to rip out my scalp because it itches so much… or without it flaking so much that it NEEDS to be washed. That’s my goal.

I haven’t really been reading blogs or writing on my own for that matter, which has sort of caused me to forget about really caring for my hair… but I’m back on track!