Length Check #3

To end the Grow Out Challenge (GOC) over at Hairscapades, I figured it would only be right if I did a length check. Of course my readers are the first to see!

It’s funny because, in the beginning, I was dying for my hair to grow. I would have done a length check every week if I could. Nowadays, I’m not that interested in doing a length check. I think it’s mainly because my hair has reached a length where I have more options.

Before we get to the pics, let’s keep in mind that I trimmed my hair twice (maybe three times) during the GOC. It was so necessary! My hair would have really suffered if I waited until now to trim it. Of course I wore the same melon colored shirt to keep it consistent.

I’d say it looks like about 2 inches of growth. Maybe a bit more.

After I did my length check, I blow dried my hair a little and I trimmed it AGAIN. I am at the point in trimming it where I don’t have to trim as much. For some reason, the right side of my head was very bushy at the ends, moreso the back than the front, which is what prompted me to trim it. Weird, because I sleep on the left side.

I’m pleased with my hair growth. I can’t wait to see where my hair will be this time next year!


9 thoughts on “Length Check #3

  1. Oh, how long is the time period between the length checks, 6 months or so?
    My hair is like yours but the shorter side, I want it to reach your length, I can’t wait! Pretty hair.

    • These pics are 6 months apart, but I did a length check at the 3 month mark also, I just didn’t include it in this post with the comparison.

  2. Im sorry but i didnt catch the time difference in your comparison photo. Was the firdt length check at 18 months? When was the second? Your growth is amazing! I like that u wore the same shirt it make things so real. Do u have a youtube account?

    • No, I don’t have a YouTube account.

      Since I never got around to making my length check t-shirt, I had to use the same shirt. Although it’s a little closer in one pic, I pay attention to where the v-neck part of the shirt is so I can really see how much it has grown.

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