Day to Night

Today I wore my hair in a ponytail with a huge puff. This was the first time I changed my style in weeks! I’m actually not bored of my textured bun, I just wish it was a little easier to style. Sometimes during the day, I notice that a piece has come out of place and a twist is practically sticking out. Not cool!

In any case, I had no clue what to do with my hair tonight, so I decided on doing two big cornrows. I’ve noticed a lot of people achieving great braidouts from doing this. I’m not really interested in wearing my hair out, but it seemed like a great way to braid my hair up for the night, so we’ll see what kind of results it yields. I think I did it a little too tight though because my head hurts. I also think my head is getting more tender, so I have to be careful.





5 thoughts on “Day to Night

    • Yeah, I did it on dry hair. I’m pretty sure it’s not going to come out looking like anything great. I usually need smaller twists/braids to get a good style.

  1. Your puff is just sooooo BIG and perfectly round Rece! I LOVE it!! And, again, I’m just looking at how much your hair has grown. The way the ends of your cornrows are folding back up, you can see that it’s just getting longer and longer!! I think you would get a good, stretched set if you had done those on wet hair. On dry hair, I wonder. I don’t really get good sets on dry hair at all.

  2. OMG Girl people buy these puffs like these ha ha See if more people went natural… lol Any way whenever I put my hair in two cornrows like that I end up doing an up do. It looks a mess if try to wear it as a style. I cant wait to see how this turns out 🙂

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