Ummmm… I’m super late with this. My apologies. I’m taking two summer classes and all of my free time gets sucked up by school work. *thumbs down* In any case, I’ll keep this brief.

Here are the results of my two cornrows taken out the next morning. I didn’t wear my hair like this because I would have looked crazy in no time.

It ended up looking something like this.

This is one of my favorite buns. It’s really just two twists wrapped around, but one is wrapped from the top and the other from the bottom.

This is my manicure for the week. I absolutely fell in love with this design. Of course it’s the Sally Hansen Salon Effects. This one is called “Speed Dating”

Last bit of news is that I finally straightened my hair since all of the rain stopped, only to discover than my ends are completely trashed!!! I cut off about 1/2 of an inch and still need to cut off at least another 1/2 inch. My ends were super dry and brittle. They were full of ssk’s. It was just alllllll wrong!

It’s a bit shocking to me because my hair was in a bun for weeks. I think it’s either because I went back to styling my hair wet or it could be the use of Curls Creme Brûlée on my ends. Whatever the case may be, I’m not pleased. I’ll be wearing my hair straight for at least a month and a half to nurse it back to health.

Thanks for reading!
*sinks back into school work*


8 thoughts on “Results

  1. Well it’s about dang time. Lol, jk. Hope school is going great. Do you get more ssks when hair is just in a bun with the hair untucked versus when it’s in the bun with the ends twisted around then tucked?

    • I don’t even know what causes my ssk’s! That’s the sad part. I think my hair just needs to be blow dried or straightened all the time. It’s only when I straighten it that I discover the madness that’s going on.

  2. Rece, to continue our texting convo;), your hair really does looked stretched! But, again, maybe if you stretch your ends on rollers overnight, that might help? I mean, when I wore WnGs all of the time, I would have a ton of knots at my 6 month trim. But, you trim all of the time and aren’t even wearing WnGs. I do get SSKs, even when I stretched with a TnC and did updos. So, you know, I cut any that I saw or felt at my weekly wash session. Were you doing that at all? Because, you know, SSKs on one strand can cause collateral damage … i.e. cause knots on adjacent strands.

    • Collateral damage it is! This hair is craaaaazy! LOL
      I was being pretty good with my trims, like every 4 weeks or so. I know Michelle wanted to curse me out for it. LOL. It’s just since it’s been sooooo rainy every week that I didn’t want to bother to straighten it just so it could frizz back up. I have to check the records (my blog) to see when my last trim was, but it wasn’t that long ago. My ends look worse than when I did my BC and didn’t trim for like 10 months!

  3. Your hair is BAM! it’s so voluminous. In spite of of the SSKs it’s so fully and I’m sure you are gaining length because you’re doing so little with it.

    I love the buns like that. They look way more simple than they are right?

    I don’t do WnGs. I tried it and I don’t like how the hair is after its dried….all tangled. Maybe that’s why I don’t get SSKs?

    In any event, I read a post on curly Nikki about getting rid of knots and I figured I had so much to say I’ll write a post on how to prevent them lol

    • I did gain a lot of length. It would have been great if I could have kept it! I don’t do WnG’s either. So here was the process for my textured bun (which is how I wore my hair for like 2 weeks straight…

      After washing and conditioning, I used castor oil or olive oil. Smooth my hair into a ponytail. Make six twists from the ponytail. I use a little Curls Creme Brûlée on my ends as well to get the twistout texture for the bun. In the morning when it’s dry, I tuck the ends. Voila! Every night I moisturize and retwist the ponytail. I don’t comb it out or anything.

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