Hair Play

I was messing around with my hair when I should have been sleeping last night. I was cutting out ssk’s left and right. I came up with two styles, which are very similar. What do you think?

I also put Eden Body Works leave-in conditioner in my straightened hair not realizing it was a leave-in until my hair almost started to curl back up. That immediately ended my hair play. I bunned it tight for bed instead of wrapping it to control the frizz. I’ll review that product once I use it correctly.

Style 1



Style 2


9 thoughts on “Hair Play

    • Yes, the second pic is the other side of the first style. How did I do it? Hummmm… it’s a variation of a previous style. Maybe I’ll explain in a future post. (Maybe not)

  1. It looks good. I have to agree with Shelli that the first style looks the best. I love accidental hairstyles. What did you think your leave-in conditioner was?

    • Oh! So the leave-in conditioner says hair milk so I expected it to be more of a moisturizer, which I guess it is, but it’s prob mostly water based. It wasn’t until after my hair started to curl that I read the bottle and realized they refer to it as a leave-in conditioner (which a moisturizer is). It says you can use it daily. I don’t know. It confuses me. Lol

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