Healthy Hair

I’m working on gaining/maintaining healthy hair. My hair isn’t in bad shape now, but it could be healthier. I’ll be focusing on my deep conditioning.

Believe me when I say that I searched high and low for my hair scissors today to do some trimming. I never found them. I guess this trim I’ve been dying to do wasn’t meant to be. I did take some regular scissors and cut out all of the ssk’s I could find.

I’m enjoying my straight hair for now. It feels very light and fluffy. I’ve been moisturizing with extra virgin olive oil and As I Am – Moisture Milk. I never quite did a review of it, but I love, love, love that stuff! It adds great moisture and it smells good enough to eat.

I wrap it in the night and have a ponytail in the day. I would do a hair comparison from 6 months ago when I straightened it, but……. idk. I feel like its not enough growth for 6 months, plus I’ve trimmed it several times.




7 thoughts on “Healthy Hair

  1. I see major growth with your hair. It looks good. I have only tried the As I Am co-wash and leave-in. I like them both. I guess I’m going to have to give that Milk a try.

  2. Look at the hang time on that ponytail and its not even a low ponytail!! It definietly looks healthy an lush from the pictures and I can see the growth too 🙂 Yaaaaaaaay #teamnatural

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