Double Butter

For my bun today, I tried a three strand twist. Yes, you read right… a THREE strand twist! I figured it would give my bun a bit more definition. Did it? Not really! It looks the same to me. To secure my twists, I braided the ends.

I moisturized my hair with As I Am – Double Butter Cream. My hair loves As I Am products. I’ve only tried the moisturizers so far, but it’s the moisturizer I’ve been looking for all my life! It leaves my hair soft and supple and super shiny. You see it! My hair just absorbs the moisture. I’m a major fan!



For a three strand twist tutorial, check out SupaNaturalTammy on YouTube!


Length Check Tee

Finally finally finally, I made my length check t-shirt. I assure you that I bought the markers months and months ago and never got around to doing it. I was inspired to go ahead and get started by Radiant Brown Beauty’s length check on Instagram.

My hair is blown out, not flat-ironed or InStyled or anything so it’s not completely straight. I trimmed a bit off last week to get rid of the majority of the ssk’s, so this is my starting point for the Bun Challenge.

I’ll continue to blow dry it to stretch it and we’ll see where this two months leads us. Below are my length check pics. I’m a little less than 3 notches above BSL (bra strap length). When I stretch it, I’m about 1 notch above BSL.

The pics aren’t the best quality because its very difficult for me to take pics of myself in a mirror and no one is here to take the pic for me. Better than nothing though. You get the idea.

Happy Growing!