Hairscapades Bun Challenge

My girl Shelli over at Hairscapades is hosting a two month bun challenge from 11.11.12 to 1.12.13.

For this challenge I’ll be bunning for at least 5 days out of the week. I generally don’t wear my hair down anyway so that part shouldn’t be too challenging. The challenge for me will be to find new and creative ways to bun my hair. I have a few in my arsenal that I usually do, but I’ll be finding and trying more.

Today’s bun was my typical Double Twist Bun. I put my hair in a ponytail and make two twists. I wrap one twist over the top and the other twist under the bottom. Pretty simple.


Another thing I’ll be doing differently is that I’ll be blow drying my hair weekly when I wash it. For one, it’s getting cold so walking around with wet hair isn’t a great idea. Secondly, I’m doing this in hopes of minimizing the amount of single strand knots I get. I WILL find a solution. =) I don’t necessarily have any length goals, but I’d like to retain as much length as possible. I need my long hair back!

If you want to join, visit Hairscapades for full details.

Happy bunning!