Product Review: Eden Body Works

If you follow me on Instagram (@ahairstory), then you may recall that in December 2012, I won a contest by CurlyGirlCollective. I won for a post on my two strand twists. The prize was an Eden Body Works prize basket.

Fast forward to the first week in February when I finally received my prize basket after much back and forth about if it had been sent out or not. Granted, I’m not paying for it, but that’s a long time to wait, meanwhile other winners are posting their goodies.

In any case, I finally receive my gift basket and instead of it having a shampoo as listed, it contained two conditioners. I was annoyed, but I emailed them and they shipped the shampoo to me with no problem. It’s in transit as we speak.



I tried them out last night for the first time, with the exception of the shampoo. The deep conditioner is very thick and rich. When I rinsed it out, my hair felt very soft and moisturized. I applied the hair milk leave in followed by the hair oil and proceeded to blowdry my hair. The hair oil is in a spray bottle, but it sprays in a stream instead of a spray so I sprayed it into my hand, then applied it to my hair.

After blow drying, my hair felt a bit dry. I added more of the hair oil, but it didn’t seem to quench my hair thirst. Finally, I mixed extra virgin olive oil and (my lifesaver) Darcy’s Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Conditioner and my hair felt moisturized again.

Not a bad line, but the products didn’t wow me. I really thought the conditioner would have. I’d definitely use what I have, but I doubt I’d buy it.


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