I signed up for CurlKit on a whim one day in January. I’ve received a CurlKit for February and March so far and I absolutely love it! I feel like every product inside is something I’m excited to try.

The majority of the products are for the hair, but there’s always been one body product. In the February CurlKit, there was a foot soak and in the March CurlKit, there was a bar soap.

I was subscribed to two services. Sadly, I just ended my CurlBox subscription, so I’ll probably still receive the March CurlBox. While I enjoyed it, I am running out of space in my closet to store products! I’ll probably keep the CurlKit subscription just a little longer because it’s still brand new for me.

Here’s my February CurlKit




Here’s my March CurlKit





6 thoughts on “CurlKit

  1. I got my first one! Its pretty cool, not bad for $20. Let me know how you like the products, I am about to get a weave so these will go in the closet for a month or so lol.

      • I am just too busy to do my hair, I know it sounds cliche. But between work and taking the cpa exam, its a struggle to keep it up. I’m going to wear it out again after I am done with the exam.

  2. woot woot! I ordered my Curlbox for men last night and can’t wait for it to arrive. I haven’t read any reviews of guys trying it out, so once I receive it I’m definitely going to have to write a review.

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