Last Day of Insanity!

Today I completed the Insanity program. I’ve worked extra hard for the past 63 days, with intense workouts 6 days a week. Here are some things I’ve learned about myself along the way.

1. I would never commit to working out 6 days a week for such a long period of time again… unless by some chance I fell into the obesity category. I’m cool with 3 days a week.

2. It takes my body about 2 weeks to get used to a workout. When the intensity changed for month two, it took another 2 weeks to adjust to that.

3. Being successful at Insanity (or anything in life) isn’t as much about strength as it is about commitment. Committing to working out 6 days a week is a serious commitment. There were many times I wanted to quit, but I was determined to finish. Specifically, the first day of month two, I was DONE! If anyone is doing insanity, that is the hardest workout. It gets a little easier from there. I’m thankful for the person who told me the same. That’s what made me keep going.

4. I found myself unenthused during the recovery week between month one and month two, but that quickly became my favorite workout… Core Cardio & Balance.

5. Whatever you think you can’t do, you can do… and then some.

6. I am most proud of the definition in my abs and the v-cut between my deltoid and biceps.

7. Did I lose weight? No. I increased my calorie intake when I started Insanity so that I wouldn’t lose weight. I believe I lost inches here and there, but I’m not consistent with measuring. The mirror was my guide.

Although I would never do Insanity again (maybe after childbirth), I encourage you guys to try something new… step it up a notch… you just might like it.

Here’s my last day of Insanity happy face!



Don’t laugh at my outtie!