Curly Girl

I had an awesome three strand twistout last weekend.

I thought it would be a good idea to try wearing my hair curly for a few days, so I did the wash and go method I’ve tried in the past. It didn’t come out the way I expected it to on Monday, but I wore it in a ponytail.


I figured that the curls would pop more the more I wore it curly. On Monday night, I spritzed my hair with water and applied a little bit of product and did four chunky twists for the night.

On Tuesday morning, my curls were more defined than on Monday, but I realized that I don’t have time to play around in my hair in the morning or in the night, so I just washed it and blow dried it and went back to my bun. Here are my Tuesday curls…




It was worth a try, but all is not completely lost. I haven’t given up hope. I’ll revisit the curly hair thing again soon.

2 thoughts on “Curly Girl

  1. Yea!!! Rece is trying wash and gos!!! It’s not bad!! You know, I think your hair would do/look great using MahoganyCurls technique!!! You know, using a creamy/thick leave-in conditioner and maybe a soft hold gel or I think she even got good results with the SM Curl Enhancing Smoothie or that Souffle?

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