Loose Curls

I was in a fabulous wedding this past weekend in a castle!

I was playing around with styles the week prior to the wedding to see what would work. The bride suggested loose curls, half up/half down or one side pinned up.

I straightened my hair last weekend as practice and I noticed that as time went by, instead of my hair frizzing, it just reverted to the curls from the roller set. That worked!

Beginning of the week…20130326-134108.jpg

End of the week…


For the wedding, I started with freshly washed hair. I roller set it and then straightened it a bit more with the curling iron. I was sure to use a lot of heat protectant/straightening serum to ensure that it wouldn’t frizz. The effect of that was looser curls. I applied some WonderCurl Butter Than Love Hair Pudding and did 4 Bantu knots. Two in the front and two in the back. That has proven to be a great moisturizer for my hair. In the morning, I took the Bantu knots down and pinned up one side.

My hair didn’t frizz the whole night. My curls dropped a bit, but I definitely got the desired “loose curl” look.

This was my wedding hair…



I’ve realized over the past week of having straight hair that wrapping my hair at night isn’t best because my ends are still exposed and they dry out. This week, I’ll be bunning or Bantu knotting my hair at night to protect the ends.

Last night I did one tight bun and this is my ponytail today. Love it! I can’t wait until it’s longer.



Product Review: WonderCurl

I ordered a WonderCurl “Good to Go” Sampler pack a while back. I’d venture to say as far back as December 2012. I was so excited to try it, but for some reason when I got it, I was hesitant. I started to think that it would only work well on curly hair, for wash and go’s and those sort of styles and I never wear my hair like that.

Well… let me tell you… I was so wrong! I recently took a mini-vacation to Florida and I didn’t want to check my luggage. I needed to carry products small enough to meet the requirements. I decided on WonderCurl’s Butter than Love Hair Whipped to moisturize my hair and WonderCurl’s Get Set Hair Jelly to lay my edges down and also to add a little hold to the front of my hair, which I wore in a twistout… you’ll see.

I was very pleased with the moisture that the Hair Whipped added to my hair. It also didn’t make my hair curl up, since my hair is blow dried somewhat straight.

I did a twistout for the swoop in the front of my hair and added some Get Set Hair Jelly for a little hold and texture. I also added some to the side to slick down my hair, like gel would. It definitely got the job done. The only thing I don’t like is that the Get Set Hair Jelly makes my hands feel a little sticky after I apply it, but my hair never feels sticky while it’s in.

This past weekend, I straightened my hair. Last night I wanted to moisturize it a bit, so I used some Extra Virgin Olive Oil and WonderCurl’s Butter than Love Hair Pudding. I honestly thought my hair would start to curl up immediately, so I put my scarf on right after. Oddly enough, it didn’t curl up, it just made my hair feel soft and moisturized. You know I love a good moisturizer!

I haven’t found my use for WonderCurl’s Get Slick Hair Smoothie yet. I think it would work well on a wash and go, but I never wear my hair like that. The smell however… to die for! I put a small amount in my hair last week and I literally wanted to smell my hair all day!

I love that the products are aloe based.
I will definitely buy the full size version of these products. Go follow @WonderCurl on Instagram. Her hair is absolutely gorgeous!