Product Review: WonderCurl

I ordered a WonderCurl “Good to Go” Sampler pack a while back. I’d venture to say as far back as December 2012. I was so excited to try it, but for some reason when I got it, I was hesitant. I started to think that it would only work well on curly hair, for wash and go’s and those sort of styles and I never wear my hair like that.

Well… let me tell you… I was so wrong! I recently took a mini-vacation to Florida and I didn’t want to check my luggage. I needed to carry products small enough to meet the requirements. I decided on WonderCurl’s Butter than Love Hair Whipped to moisturize my hair and WonderCurl’s Get Set Hair Jelly to lay my edges down and also to add a little hold to the front of my hair, which I wore in a twistout… you’ll see.

I was very pleased with the moisture that the Hair Whipped added to my hair. It also didn’t make my hair curl up, since my hair is blow dried somewhat straight.

I did a twistout for the swoop in the front of my hair and added some Get Set Hair Jelly for a little hold and texture. I also added some to the side to slick down my hair, like gel would. It definitely got the job done. The only thing I don’t like is that the Get Set Hair Jelly makes my hands feel a little sticky after I apply it, but my hair never feels sticky while it’s in.

This past weekend, I straightened my hair. Last night I wanted to moisturize it a bit, so I used some Extra Virgin Olive Oil and WonderCurl’s Butter than Love Hair Pudding. I honestly thought my hair would start to curl up immediately, so I put my scarf on right after. Oddly enough, it didn’t curl up, it just made my hair feel soft and moisturized. You know I love a good moisturizer!

I haven’t found my use for WonderCurl’s Get Slick Hair Smoothie yet. I think it would work well on a wash and go, but I never wear my hair like that. The smell however… to die for! I put a small amount in my hair last week and I literally wanted to smell my hair all day!

I love that the products are aloe based.
I will definitely buy the full size version of these products. Go follow @WonderCurl on Instagram. Her hair is absolutely gorgeous!




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