Major Hair Slump

I’m in a hair slump. I was beginning to feel like my hair growth plateaued. Every time I look at my hair it looks like it’s the same length since some time in 2012.

I haven’t tried any new styles lately. I’ve been trying to finish at least some of the products I have, so I haven’t bought any new products lately either. In the past, when I found myself in a hair slump, a new product purchase was usually enough to bring me out… but I won’t let the Product Junkie in me win this time.

I’ve been wearing my hair in my standard bun, although my bun has increased in size.


My scalp is still a mess at times, despite my efforts.

I decided to do a comparison to see if my hair really stopped growing. I refuse to do an actual length check because I don’t want to be disappointed.


What do you think? Because I’m not buying it!


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