Product Review – Pocket Tie Bonnet by Ebonicurls

img_7842I wear twistouts very often and I found that the best way to preserve my style is with a loc soc as opposed to a satin bonnet. The loc soc allows me to smooth the front and sides of my hair back, while letting the length of my hair hang down in the back, but completely protected. Say goodbye to squished, flattened sides of your hairstyle.

Because I love the loc soc sooooo much, but hated the fact that it only came in black at the beauty supply store, I have been in contact with Eboni of about creating a similar functioning item, but with a beautiful print.

I was extremely excited to see that they’re finally here! Eboni has created the Pocket Tie Bonnet in such beautiful prints, including the Afro Lady print pictured. To die for! This particular print is cotton, so the bonnet is lined with satin. Many of the other prints on the website are completely satin.

It serves the purpose and looks cute for bed. The length is long enough that it can hold all of my hair and even has space so when my hair grows, it will still fit. The Pocket Tie Bonnet length can even be customized when you order.

Now I’ll finally be sleeping in style! Thanks Eboni!


Onward & Upward for 2016!

I made the decision to expand AHairStory in 2016.

First on the list was to create I used to own the domain name several years ago, but because I didn’t post much, I decided to give it up. I’m happy to say that IT’S MINE AGAIN!!!

The second item on my list was to create a business email address at my own .com. As of today, for business inquiries, I can be reached at

Third and fourth, I plan to scope on Periscope this year and also to do some YouTube videos. I plan to start off with tutorials. I have a few in mind based on questions I receive often. If there’s anything you’d like to see, please comment and let me know.

Follow me on Instagram @AHairStory and you can also subscribe to my site right here!

Welcome to!!