THP Apothecary Discount Code!

Great news! If you read my last post, I reviewed two products from The Healing Place Apothecary (THP Apothecary) that I LOVE!

They have graciously offered to give my readers 15% off of their entire order. If you liked the review and were interested in trying their products, use coupon code INSTASUMMER during checkout on their site. Thank me later. 

Link: THP Apothecary

One thought on “THP Apothecary Discount Code!

  1. Aight sis, now I have waited patiently for you to ANNOUNCE yo news on here/IG, so I have to ask – WHENNNNNNNN??? Remember, some of us follow other natural gurus, so we’ve SEENT dah pics…… O_O ~ YOU GOT NEWSSSSSSS!!!!!

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