Mom, The Stylist

During my pregnancy, I never imagined what my daughters hair would look like, or mommy and me hairstyles or even what washday would look like. You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t having a son! Nowhere in my mind did I think I was having a daughter. God laughed!

Here we are, a whole year and a half into motherhood and I’m still learning my daughters hair. I had finally mastered mine and knew which products worked best for me… and her hair is the complete opposite in every way.

Her hair texture is different, her curl pattern is different, her hair porosity is different, her hair is a million times more dense than mine could ever be. Her hair is amazing!

I started off using some of the same products I use in my own hair and quickly realized that they were not for her. I tried different oils, various cream moisturizers, hair butters and soon realized I had to take it back to the old school. Indian Hemp Grease. Don’t judge me. Her hair has been flourishing ever since.

I recently discovered that she has the perfect texture for cornrowed styles and all of a sudden, I’m a stylist. Meanwhile, I could never do small cornrows in my own hair and I thought I lacked braiding skills. Nope! I just can’t cornrow my hair texture.

This is her SECOND cornrow style and I love it. She’s so patient with me, but I don’t push it. I styled half in the morning and the other half in the evening. Having her hair braided saves me a ton of time in the morning. She doesn’t have to wake up super early anymore just for me to comb her hair before I leave for work. It’s been such a life saver.

I can guarantee her hair will grow even more now. Stay tuned.