I Won!

I won a set of Curlformers from an Giveaway by UntrainedHairMom!
How exciting is that?! I had no idea which size to select, so I hit up Shelli from Hairscapades. She suggested getting the extra long and wide so that as my hair grows I will still be able to use it. Great idea!

I received them in the mail this week and I thought maybe I should test them out for Christmas, but I had already planned to straighten my hair for Christmas. Decisions. Decisions.

I love giveaways! I plan to do one of my own in the near future! Look out for that!


Radiant Brown Beauty’s Favorite Things Giveaway

While I haven’t done any giveaways of my own (yet), check out Radiant Brown Beauty’s Favorite Things Giveaway!

It’s a basket full of her favorite things. Please remember that if you win, you have to share your winnings with me. *wink* Just kidding!

Good luck!