Hair Growth

I was looking at the picture of my hair at 15 months into my natural hair journey. I felt like I didn’t have enough hair growth to show for the 15 month period.

I did a little research and found out that average hair growth is 1/2 inch per month!

According to my calculations, I should have about 7.5 inches of natural hair. To me, it looked more like 4 inches. I guess I didn’t take shrinkage into consideration, but I stretched my hair out and got my measuring tape and to my surprise, my natural hair ranges from 5.5 -7 inches depending on the area of my head. I guess I’m within normal limits.

I’ve also realized that my hair likes products with aloe in it. I should have known, because my face does too. It seems like whatever works for my face works for my hair as well.

I’m contemplating if I can rock two cornrows to work and not look like I’m 10 years old. We’ll see.

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