A PJ’s new finds

Since I began No-Pooing, I’ve been using DevaCurl No Poo. I really like it. My hair doesn’t feel dry at all after I use it. The only thing is that it’s pretty pricey, although I got a good deal on it from Drugstore.com. In addition, I No Poo my hair frequently and I use a lot of product, so I have to keep replenishing my stock.

Yesterday I decided to buy the Curls Creamy Cleanser. I absolutely love the smell of Curls products. I used it as soon as I got home. I liked the way it felt in my hair and the fact that it has a small amount of lather. I don’t know that I really liked the way my hair felt when I rinsed it out though, but I guess that’s nothing that a little Shea Moisture conditioner can’t fix… or maybe I’ll try the Curls Conditioner next tie. It took everything in me to not buy it with the shampoo. I usually like to stick with one line of products.

I went on a crazy rampage last weekend to find the Yes to Cucumbers conditioner. I must have gone into every Target, Rite Aid and CVS in the area and never found it. This past Monday morning on my way to work, I decided to stop in a Duane Reade that’s near my job. I went in for nail polish and I happened to check out the hair care aisle and to my surprise, they had it! I bought that and the Giovanni 50/50 Balanced: Hydrating – Calming Conditioner. Of course this weekend I went to Target and alllllll of the “Yes to” products are in the main aisle. A day late and a dollar short.

I tried the Yes to Cucumbers conditioner. I don’t feel like it was as moisturizing as I expected, but it was decent. I was thinking that maybe I can use it as a leave in or for a co-wash. The Giovanni 50/50 Balanced: Hydrating – Calming conditioner however, was really nice. I liked that it was very creamy. Both conditioners smell great. You know I’m big on smells. LOL. At the end of the day, nothing can compare to my Shea Moisture conditioner though.

I’d like to personally thank you all for blogging about these products and bringing out the product junkie in me. I need to put myself on a budget otherwise I’d be burning my whole paycheck on products. The sad part is that I was a product junkie even when my hair was relaxed. I might have been a cosmetologist in another life!


These are sort of my everyday products and new products waiting to be tested.

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