Temptations will come

Today, I successfully walked past one of my favorite beauty supply stores. I tossed up the idea of going in “just to look,” but I knew I would end up buying something, so I kept it moving. No new hair products for a few.

I’ve barely touched my hair since Sunday, with the exception of oiling, massaging my scalp, smoothing the front and repositioning my bun. I also have not washed my hair since Sunday, although it’s pretty tempting.

I’ve realized that my hair feels better when it’s stretched… and I treat it better when it’s stretched. My main problem is that my hair takes an eternity to dry. The only time that I can devote an eternity to my hair is during the weekend. Even then, I have to strategically plan it so that my hair will be dry in time for me to go out. It has actually prevented me from doing things during the day. I may need a wig as backup. What method do your used to stretch your hair?

Here’s me wearing one of my sisters wigs. I tried to trick my Facebook friends into thinking I cut my hair, but the people who know me well knew it was a joke.

Ok, as you may or may not know, I have a blog. I started a blog because this challenge is only 6 months and I joined pretty late into it. I knew that when the 6 months ended I would want to continue to chronicle my journey. 6 months won’t be long enough for me to really get to know my hair. In addition, it gives me a means to keep in contact with all of you. So stop by my blog. Read, subscribe, comment, kick up your feet and make yourself at home.


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