Temptations will come

Today, I successfully walked past one of my favorite beauty supply stores. I tossed up the idea of going in “just to look,” but I knew I would end up buying something, so I kept it moving. No new hair products for a few.

I’ve barely touched my hair since Sunday, with the exception of oiling, massaging my scalp, smoothing the front and repositioning my bun. I also have not washed my hair since Sunday, although it’s pretty tempting.

I’ve realized that my hair feels better when it’s stretched… and I treat it better when it’s stretched. My main problem is that my hair takes an eternity to dry. The only time that I can devote an eternity to my hair is during the weekend. Even then, I have to strategically plan it so that my hair will be dry in time for me to go out. It has actually prevented me from doing things during the day. I may need a wig as backup. What method do your used to stretch your hair?

Here’s me wearing one of my sisters wigs. I tried to trick my Facebook friends into thinking I cut my hair, but the people who know me well knew it was a joke.

Ok, as you may or may not know, I have a blog. I started a blog because this challenge is only 6 months and I joined pretty late into it. I knew that when the 6 months ended I would want to continue to chronicle my journey. 6 months won’t be long enough for me to really get to know my hair. In addition, it gives me a means to keep in contact with all of you. So stop by my blog. Read, subscribe, comment, kick up your feet and make yourself at home.


This Weeks Promise

This week, I’ll wear my hair in a bun. I loved trying all of the new styles and techniques, but it was causing me to manipulate my hair too much. It was keeping me away from the gel though.

This week, I’ll lay off all of the hair products. Sometimes simpler is better. I’ll be using oils and aloe vera gel. The main oil will be EVOO. That was my first time using that abbreviation. Natural hair talk is almost like a different language. LOL. Oh wait… I put gel in my hair already. Hummmm…

This week, I’ll continue to take my multivitamin and Biotin. I tossed up the idea of taking prenatal vitamins. Don’t judge me.

This week, I’ll refrain from manhandling my hair. I must admit that after not combing my hair for a few weeks, I brushed it yesterday… wet! *gasp* Yesterday I had a moment. Today, that moment is over. I’m back on track!

This week, I’ll refrain from buying hair products. <— The hardest promise yet!

This week, I’ll stop obsessing over my hair.

I realized today that I kind of have no way to tell how much my hair has grown. I can compare pics of my new growth or I can tell by the way it feels in a ponytail or a bun, but that’s about it.