More Randomness

I feel like I only have two style options… a twistout or a ponytail. I’ve had a ponytail all week. Any other style suggestions? Bantu Knots are on my list of things to try, but that’ll have to wait until I’m on vacation from work or something because I already know my hair will take an eternity to dry.

Today I washed my hair and decided to do a two strand twist. I’ve been meaning to try my two strand flattwist ever since I cut my hair, but I’ll have to save that for a weekend experiment. I’ve stopped trying new styled during the week. I just don’t have time in the morning to come up with a plan B after plan A didn’t work.

I love twisting my hair because I can feel each section of my hair and know whether it needs to be moisturized or not. When I wear a ponytail, I do moisturize it, but I can’t get into and assess the middle sections the way I do when I twist it. I’ve noticed that the back of my hair is the most moisturized. It also seems to be the section that grows the fastest and is the healthiest.

So since my bottle of Castor Oil dropped, broke (glass and everything) and spilled all over the bathroom floor (and rug), I’ve been using Jojoba Oil. It’s much lighter. I’ve had it for a while, but I never really gave it a chance, so now it’s time for it to shine. So far, so good. My hair felt really soft after I put it in and it’s much lighter than Castor oil. It’s probably the lightest oil I’ve used.

I think I’ll be ordering more styling products from really soon. Once a product junkie, always a product junkie. LOL.


2 thoughts on “More Randomness

  1. 20% off at CurlMart now thru Monday… did you get the coupon code in your email? Not that I’m encouraging your PJness or anything like that. 😉 LOL

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