It’s been 3 months…

It’s been a long three months since my “Big Chop” back in July. The results are in…

I tried to keep it fairly consistent with the same melon colored shirt, but the earlier pics are taken with my iPhone and the updated ones are taken with my camera. In any case, I’d say I’ve had good growth since July 2011. It’s a little hard to tell how much growth that is though. What do you think?

I want my hair to be long by my birthday in February, so for the record, I’ll be bunning until then.


9 thoughts on “It’s been 3 months…

  1. Is this your GOC update:)?!?!?! This would work if you would just send me some additional details regarding whether you’ve stuck with your originally outlined regimen or have made some tweaks since that time. It really has grown a lot Rece! I’ll be doing my length check this week! The thing is, I should have done it yesterday as my “photographer” is going to be out of town a while! Oh, and I figured out why my camera is giving me a problem shooting video! I only have a 1G Memory card! So, I need to rectify that situation!

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