I’m back on track, thanks to you guys! When I read everyone else’s blog and I read about your hair progress, I become obsessed with my hair again. When I’m obsessed, I take good care of my hair. It’s that simple!

Today I tried something different. The plan was to put olive oil on the ends of my hair, then wash my hair with Selsun Blue shampoo and let it sit in my hair for like 20 minutes… until I completely forgot the olive oil.

After shampooing, I put some My Honey Child – Olive You conditioner only on my ends. I let it marinate for a short time, then rinsed with cold water.

I didn’t use any leave in conditioner. I put olive oil in my hair and vitamin E oil on my hairline. I figured I’d cut back on the products I use because I have no idea what is making my scalp go crazy.

My style for the next few days will be a textured bun. I did use Curls – Cremé Brule to the twists to add some definition.


4 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. Hey Rece I know I’m hardly one to talk since I bucked the idea for so long but, are you using a hair journal? I ask because I started using one and it really helps to see what you use and what’s working without the hit or miss. Once you look back over the journal, it helps you figure out what to keep and what to leave alone. You can download a pretty decent one for free here:

    She provides links in the section under the video

    • Hair journal? Ummm… I thought THIS was my hair journal. LOL. I’ll have to check out that video.

      The only thing I change is my conditioner, so it would make sense for me to just not use the conditioners I’ve been using, but I’m just going to stop almost everything for a little bit until my scalp gets a little better. Maybe I’m over exaggerating my scalp issue. I dunno.

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