What if…

What if I took for granted the fact that I’ve always had long hair and it never grows long again? *death*

What if I knew then all of the hair care tips I know now, back when I had relaxed hair? How long would my hair have grown?

My hair was extremely long and I NEVER wore a bun or any kind of protective styles for that matter. My hair was out every day. If it wasn’t completely out, it was in a ponytail. My hair was hanging down my back and grazing against my wool coat in the winter. *cringe*

I mean… I wasn’t the worst when it came to caring for my hair, but I could have done more.

What if…?


6 thoughts on “What if…

  1. I like this post … but I don’t have the slightest doubt that you’ll surpass your previous length if you want to do so. Not the slightest! But you are right, I do wonder the same thing … like, could I have grown my relaxed hair longer if I cared for it the way I care for my hair now. I suspect that I could have, especially since I only relaxed only once every 6 months.

  2. You give me hope that my hair will be really long again! LOL.

    I think my hair just finished a growth phase… or maybe since I haven’t been taking really good care of it these past few weeks, I just don’t see the fast growth anymore. I’m back on track though. Mark my words! LOL

    • I know you will:)! And, I think it does go in lull and tides because I feel like I really haven’t seen that much growth from November to end of January. But, I think I get a growth spurt in spring. But, I also haven’t been eating as well, exercising as regularly or drinking as much water as I did last year and I definitely think all of those things are factors too.

  3. Rece, you told me before that I could reblog any of your posts whenever I wanted to do so. I hope that offer is still valid! Because, I’m about to jack this post … and I’m going to use an old picture of your long relaxed hair and a new of your long natural hair;)!!

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