THW Cult – Day 2

Last night after my Terressentials Hair Wash, I did the “Winter Wash & Go” method by Naptural85. Today when I took the twists out, my curls weren’t as defined as they’ve been in the past when I tried this method, but my hair was soft. I’m glad I was off today because I didn’t bother with it, I just put my hair up in a ponytail and went to the gym.

Today was day two of the Terressentials Hair Wash. I did the three washes as directed. After the third wash and rinse, my curls were very defined and my hair was soft. I thought to myself “Wow! I can feel the difference.” I left my hair in four big twists to dry under a towel. Bad idea!

I had actually planned to put my hair in a bun for tomorrow. Styling dry hair is a challenge. I should have styled it while it was still wet. I don’t know why I thought I could do things differently. I’m sure my hair got a lot more manipulation than it needed. When my hair dried, it felt dry. That wasn’t the case when I did the “Winter Wash & Go” method. In any case, it’s in a bun for tomorrow. My biggest challenge is not using gel or any other product to hold the front down.

I’ve decided that after I wash my hair tomorrow, I’ll either do the “Winter Wash & Go” method or bun it while it’s wet. Someone like me should not be allowed to wash my hair daily. I’m not the most gentle person when it comes to my precious strands. *shrugs*

Here’s a pic of when I took my hair out after the gym. Not bad. Not bad at all.



7 thoughts on “THW Cult – Day 2

  1. When I tried the wash-n-go method my hair felt dry as well. It is so hard to resist putting product in it to make it feel better. Like you I am not gentle with my strands as well. That is something I do need to work on.

    • My hair actually doesn’t feel dry when I do the wash and go method. It felt dry after I combed it out to put it in a bun.

      Yes, I’m never gentle enough. =(

  2. love the new blog color!! I find that I really style my hair when its dry… so three washes… I feel like i would use up all the shampoo in one day lol Are you getting low on product yet? how do you tame the edges…

    • I’m not getting low on product yet. I use a very little bit, which is hard for me because I tend to overdo it when it comes to applying products. My edges… lawd!!!! LOL. My hair was a hot mess today. I meant to take a pic of it. It was in shambles. I’m planning to do the “Winter Wash and Go” tomorrow so I hopefully don’t have to think about edges and how to make the front of my hair lay down.

  3. Hey Reeces Pieces 🙂

    I love that you call this a cult. I have thought about trying this myself. Maybe one day, I will watch how yours goes.


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