My First Curlbox

Yesterday I received my very first CurlBox. I was extremely excited for it to come. I even postponed buying Curls Unleashed products because I was hoping I would find a sample in my CurlBox. Who told me to have expectations and hopes?!

Soooooo… in my CurlBox was:

Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel (2.5 oz. sample)
Ouidad Shower Comb
Organic Root Stimulator – Herbal Cleanse “dry shampoo” (Full size)
Design Essentials – Twist and Set Setting Lotion (Full size)
Taliah Waajid – Curly Curl Cream (1 oz. sample)
Curly Hair Solutions – Curl Keeper (sample)
Senk shampoo bar (sample size)

It seems like quite a bit of stuff. Was I excited after I opened it? Not so much. Why? Because I had hopes for other products I’ve been dying to try. I should have kept an open mind. I know I could have just bought those, but this is more fun. Also, I have tried three of these products before. I’ll give it another whirl though.




Mission Accomplished

I always twist my hair when it’s wet and freshly washed. Last Sunday, I decided to twist my hair after it dried overnight. I thought it would be a great idea because my hair would be stretched and my twists would hang longer.

I spent about an hour and fifteen minutes twisting my hair. I attempted to style it after and no style looked good to me. I gave up on styling it and just went to workout.

The next day my twists looked like they were a week old. I realized that my twists last longer and come out better when my hair is wet because each strand just curls right into the twists.

In any case, my scalp was itching like crazy on Monday night so I just untwisted it and washed it. All of the working out I’ve been doing has my scalp in a constant state of being dirty/sweaty.

Here are my dry twists


This is two fishtail braids. Hated it! 20120914-010115.jpg

A side bun, but I couldn’t manage to get all of the ends tucked in. Hated it! 20120914-010129.jpg

This is a” fold in half” bun (I just made that up. Lol). I’m on the fence about it. 20120914-010145.jpg

Ultimately, I accomplished my mission of wearing twists for a full month. I love them!