My First Curlbox

Yesterday I received my very first CurlBox. I was extremely excited for it to come. I even postponed buying Curls Unleashed products because I was hoping I would find a sample in my CurlBox. Who told me to have expectations and hopes?!

Soooooo… in my CurlBox was:

Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel (2.5 oz. sample)
Ouidad Shower Comb
Organic Root Stimulator – Herbal Cleanse “dry shampoo” (Full size)
Design Essentials – Twist and Set Setting Lotion (Full size)
Taliah Waajid – Curly Curl Cream (1 oz. sample)
Curly Hair Solutions – Curl Keeper (sample)
Senk shampoo bar (sample size)

It seems like quite a bit of stuff. Was I excited after I opened it? Not so much. Why? Because I had hopes for other products I’ve been dying to try. I should have kept an open mind. I know I could have just bought those, but this is more fun. Also, I have tried three of these products before. I’ll give it another whirl though.




7 thoughts on “My First Curlbox

  1. Well I hope the next box has the items you want to try. I think I’ll pass on this. I feel it’s better for me to buy what I want to try. I guess it’s like the same thing, anywhoo…can you cancel at anytime??

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