Curls Unleashed

I finally broke down and bought Curls Unleashed moisturizing conditioner. I’ve been dying to try this because the regular Organic Root Stimulator products worked so well in my relaxed hair. It was my favorite brand and the brand that I attribute my additional hair growth to.

I did not buy the whole line only that one product and I’m glad I didn’t. It was just ok. My hair didn’t feel extra moisturized while the conditioner was in or after I rinsed it out. I’ll try it again, but I wasn’t impressed.

I decided to roller set my hair. I’ve been meaning to straighten it, but I’ve been working out several times a week and straight hair just isn’t conducive to working out. I like straightening my hair occasionally so I can see how my ends are doing and also to see how much my hair has grown.

My hair is so curly, it was hard to wrap my hair around the rollers, especially in the middle of my head where it’s curlier. I successfully set it though. I sat under the dryer for an hour. Once it dried, I used the InStyler to straighten the roots a bit.

For once my ends looked good, so I didn’t trim it. =) I just wrapped my hair to let it marinate overnight.

Stay tuned for the results.



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