Curly Girl Problems

I’m still on a quest to discover how to prevent those pesky single strand knots. I was trying so hard not to trim my hair AGAIN, but everyday I was cutting out millions of single strand knots. One strand had the nerve to have two knots in it!!! It just seemed like the only way to get rid of the majority of them was to trim my hair… so I did.

I don’t understand how they’ve come to be such a major problem. I’m sure when I was a child and my hair was natural (pre-relaxer days), I didn’t have single strand knots. What’s so different now? Maybe because I used to blow-dry my hair then and I rarely do it now? Could it be the products I’m using? I keep my ends moisturized and protected. I just don’t get it. It’s the one thing that baffles me with natural hair.

I always wonder if other curly girls get single strand knots the way I do. The grass sure seems greener on the other side. *sigh*


P.S. You will probably appreciate that I’ve updated the links section to the right.

9 thoughts on “Curly Girl Problems

  1. I hate ssk’s. I’m sure we had them as a child but didn’t know enough to care. Or if we disnt it’s because we kept out hair braided or twisted everyday and never had it out. Idk. I gave up on that fight.

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