KBShimmer Soaps


I’ve been ordering nail polish from KBShimmer.com (love them) and with my last purchase, I decided to try out their bar soaps. I ordered three… Kaleido-Soap, Raspberry Vanilla Soap and Pink Sugar Soap. So far I’ve tried two and I love love love the way they smell. They are so fragrant that my whole bathroom ends up smelling like it.

I used the Pink Sugar Soap first and although the smell is magnificent, the fact that the soap is dark brown/black concerned me because I thought it would stain my washcloth (which it didn’t). One of the ingredients is activated charcoal, which I’m sure is the cause of this. I didn’t like how the dark color ran down the side of the tub from the soap dish. For that reason alone, I wouldn’t get this particular soap again and I would probably stay away from darker colored soaps in future orders.

The Kaleido-Soap is the second one I tried. I love that it has so many different colors. It smells very nice and fresh. I actually planned on ordering this one again, but it’s currently out of stock. =(

Next will be the Raspberry Vanilla Soap. I’m sure I’ll love it. I can’t wait to try other scents. They also have sugar scrubs, lotions, body butters and my fav… nail polish! Maybe you’ll find something you like there.


Pause… I just realized the soap contains lard… LARD!!!!


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