Black Friday Shopping

I just completely disrespected my checking account and helped myself to some Black Friday deals!

I bought a truckload of stuff from I’ve been dying to try her products, but I’ve been holding out since Black Friday was coming so soon. I bought the following:

  • Sweet Pumpkin Soap
  • Cream & Coco Hair Care Sampler Mini
  • Brown Sugar, Honey & Marshmallow Scalp Scrub (never tried a scalp scrub before. I’m curious)
  • Moroccan Mint & Chocolate Clay Mask & Scrub set (I love face masks)
  • Pomegranate Mint Julep Lip set
  • Then I skipped on over to I’ve been meaning to try the Pumpkin Seed Curl Moisturizing Conditioner probably since I became a natural hair chic! Finally, I’ll be trying it. I also bought the Peppermint Scalp Elixir because my scalp has issues and I like that this product is in a spray bottle so I can spray exactly where I’d like to oil.

    I’ll be sure to do reviews of the products as I try them. Can’t wait! Someone put my card away so I can’t order anything else today! *giggles*

    Coming up later… the style I chose for Thanksgiving!


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