Second Day Hair?

Second day hair is waaaay better than first day hair. It’s fluffy and has some body to it. I realized that I don’t know how to fluff my hair and blend the parts for a twistout.

Wait… does this really count as second day hair if I retwisted it last night?




Clearly, I’m feeling myself.


9 thoughts on “Second Day Hair?

  1. Philnmyself….hahahaha! It’s not second day hair if you re-twist it. But it looks great and u was on fire tonite. I guess u really are who u r! And u r fire!!! Ok clearly I’m still tipsy talking jibberish…LOL!

  2. It’s SO second day hair. You retwisted to preserve the style and stretch the hair. It’s second day hair also because you didn’t wash your hair and ruin the style. You go ahead and feel yourself girl. I love it.

      • Yup, I agree with Marsha! It’s definitely 2nd day hair. And, I was wondering why you didn’t fluff it on day 1. It looked very good and defined, but you know I’m a big hair fan, so I was thinking, “Rece should shake that out!!” LOL!! What I mean by that is to just massage your roots and then shake your head upside down and side to side to get some air into it and fluff it, without disturbing the definition too much:). Can’t wait to see after the pineapple, b/c that should definitely result in bigger hair :).

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