Original GOC Crew Meetup

I’ve always wanted to try a Bantu Knotout on straightened hair. The times I’ve done it in the past, it was on wet hair and by the morning my hair hadn’t dried. That always made the style a lot frizzier and more shrunken than I wanted.

To start, I moisturized each section separately with African Pride – Bouncy Curls Pudding from my October CurlBox. I still love that stuff! I twisted, then knotted each section. I made about 9 Bantu Knots. 4 in the back and 5 on top.

In the past, I had done two strand twists then knotted my hair. This time, I did more of a coil. I’m definitely pleased with the results.




…and guess who I met up with…

Two of my favs from the original Curly Nikki presents Kim Coles’ Grow Out Challenge… Shelli from Hairscapades and Marsha from Hairology and our sisters, Marsha’s beautiful daughter (which you may have seen on her site or IG a few times) and her cousin who was kind enough to play Kodakman.

We had a nice brunch at Rue 57 in Manhattan and chatted, mostly about hair! Definitely some wonderful women!
I can’t wait to hang out again.







9 thoughts on “Original GOC Crew Meetup

  1. I can’t wait to hang out again either. But, it may be me and you first …. cuz I need you to show me how to do that two strand flat twist ;)!! Ooooh, and is Shanna trying henna this weekend?!?!? It’s supposed to snow, so it would be a good stay in day to do it;)!

    • That two strand flat twist would look so pretty on your hair, especially with a big bun at the bottom! I got you!

      Yes, Shanna is supposed to be henna-ing today. I’ll have to give u details on that when she does.

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