Chop Chop!

Well… More like trim, trim!

June has begun, now I’m closer to 15 months into my hair journey. About 4 days ago, I trimmed a good bit off of the ends. Maybe like 1.5 inches. I did two strand flat twists and let it air dry. Two days later I took it out and it looked great! No more raggedy ends were hanging long from my twistout. Again, it didn’t last.

I must say, I don’t usually use any holding products when I do a twistout because I always wanted my hair to stay soft and not be crunchy. The next time I do it, I’ll try a little gel and see if it lasts longer. Another reason why this one didn’t last at all is because it was almost 90 degrees when I untwisted it. The ends were resting right on my neck and the roots frizzed a little from me sweating.

That made me realize that this most certainly won’t be my summer hairstyle. The summer is just too hot to be under all of that hair.

My ultimate goal is a wash and go. A sexy one. It may come sooner than I think.



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