Adhering to the rules…

For the Kim Cole’s Grow Out Challenge, there were two main rules:

1.” The first step to obtaining BIG, healthy hair is to get a trim—each participant will rid themselves of damaged, split, or broken ends.”

2. “Next, each participant will devise and stick to a healthy hair care regimen, which will consist of a balanced diet and sufficient water intake, gentle handling, minimal heat usage, regular deep treatments, and daily moisturizing.”

I trimmed my hair on May 29, 2010. I knew I needed a good trim, so I took off more than I normally would. It’s only now that I’m looking back at pics that I realize just how much I took off! It needed to go though. No regrets!

Two strand flat twist – BEFORE

Two strand flat twist – AFTER
Here’s my twistout – BEFORE
Twistout – AFTER
So I got the trim part out of the way with regards to the Grow Out Challenge. The next step involved eating habits and hair maintenance. Honestly, I think most of those I already do, but to put it out there and hold myself accountable, I’ll keep track of my intake.
My biggest struggle is gentle handling of my hair. My patience is short and I find it very difficult to deal with two textures. The line of demarcation kills me every time I encounter it. I really don’t want anymore breakage, so I will most certainly be working on handling my hair gently. I recently learned that it’s best to comb through my hair while it’s saturated with conditioner and the water is running through it. This has helped me tremendously because I can guarantee that the time that I generally lose the most hair is when I’m fighting with it after I wash it. Onward and upward from here!
Although the challenge will end before my 6 months are up, I’ll continue to document my progress here.

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