Day 2 hair

Sooooo… about that pineappleing…

I’ve done it before with my twist outs and it worked out really well. Last night though… not so much! When I unveiled my head this morning, it was sort of all over the place. I shook it and put a few pieces into place and it eventually worked out. The real culprit was the permed ends. I can’t wait until it’s fully grown out, you don’t even know! I’m working on my patience though because I don’t want to have to sacrifice too much length throughout this journey.

So I’m sitting here with Day Two hair wondering what to do with it for tomorrow. I’m pretty sure it won’t be able to make it through a complete third day. What to do? Decisions. Decisions.

Can I just add that my hair feels sooooo soft and moisturized. I attribute it to the CURLS Creme Brule. That’s the only thing different that I added to the mix.

Here’s my Day Two TnC…

Here’s a close up. The natural hair doing what it’s supposed to do, fluffing nicely… and the permed ends doing what they do best. Just being stringy and unproductive. LOL

We’ll see what tomorrow holds. Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Day 2 hair

    • Well pineappling is just what u do to go to sleep so it hopefully doesn’t get messed up. Are u gonna do the Keratin again? I keep hearing bad things about it.

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