Sticking to the Plan

I washed my hair today. I was trying to hold off until Friday night, but my hair wouldn’t let me. I’m beginning to listen to my hair when it talks and my scalp was screaming to be washed.

As promised, I washed with DevaCurl No Poo. I used DevaCurl Heaven In Hair to condition. I actually came out of the shower to let the conditioner stay in for 1.5 hours, then went back in! I would love to love the DevaCurl Heaven In Hair, but for some reason I feel like the DevaCurl One Condition is more moisturizing for me. So after I hopped back in the shower, I rinsed out the DevaCurl Heaven In Hair and I put in some DevaCurl One Condition to detangle my hair. I didn’t have a hard time detangling it, but sooooo much hair came out. Even though I haven’t combed my hair in 4 days, that seemed to be more than 4 days worth of hair. I used Kinky Curly Knot Today as my leave in. I sealed with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and I used some Curls Creme Brule to twist my hair.

So now my hair is in two strand twists to dry. They came out really good, minus the fact that I refuse to part my hair. I just sectioned off pieces to twist. It came out so good that I wish I parted my hair because I think it may be good enough to wear as a style. I’m hoping the twists swell a little over night. I think that’ll be cute. I don’t even know what to expect in the morning.


I want to trim my hair. I usually do it myself, but the trim that I want, I don’t think I’m capable of doing. When I trim my hair, I usually just comb it down and cut across the bottom. I used to do section by section, but for whatever reason I stopped. I realized now that the back of my hair is growing out nicely and probably has the least amount of relaxed hair left, while the top and the front are taking their time. It’s obviously because they’re not getting trimmed properly when I do it. I need it trimmed in layers to really get make a difference. I’m contemplating whether I should do it myself or go somewhere to have it trimmed.

I always said that when my hair was finally grown out, or when I decided to cut off the last few inches of my relaxed hair, I would go to the Devachan Salon. Could it be time?!


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