I Regressed

I panicked.

I just did my usual wash with DevaCare¬†No Poo and conditioned with DevaCare One Condition. I decided to try something different (yet again) and styled my hair into “Two Flat Twists and a Bun” via Mrs. The Bronx. As soon as I finished the style, I freaked out!

One section in the front of my hair looks like it’s balding! This is the same section that I always write about. The scalp there is scaly and flaky at times. Tonight, it looked irritated (again) and like more hair ¬†was missing. I’ve been careful not to pull that area into my ponytail. I’ve been purposely styling my hair to avoid putting gel in that area as well. Maybe I was too rough with massaging it while washing it?

In my state of panic, I thought that maybe it’s all of this No Poo-ing and leave in conditioner that’s causing it to get worse. I figured my hair needed a good cleansing. I regressed and washed my hair with my trusted Dark N Lovely Shampoo and I even applied a little bit of Sulfur 8 to the area. I may have been a little rough while detangling (read: a lot rough) because I was frustrated. I honestly wanted to cut off all of my hair. Seriously. I styled my hair pretty much the same way it’s been styled.

I’m a bit more relaxed now, but I’m finally going to stop procrastinating and schedule my dermatologist appointment. I just hope she doesn’t prescribe me Nizoral.