100% Natural – Day 2

It feels great to have 100% natural hair. I don’t regret cutting it. I still don’t miss the length surprisingly.

My Process:
I washed my hair with Kinky Curly Come Clean.
I deep conditioned it for about 30 minutes with Shea Moisture Organic Black Soap Balancing Conditioner.
I rinsed all of the conditioner out.
I applied Kinky Curly Knot Today and some Extra Virgin Olive Oil. (If you noticed, this is my standard routine.) Once I finished that, I could clearly see exactly where I needed to trim.
I sectioned my hair into 4 quadrants.
I sectioned each quadrant into 3 vertical strips and I trimmed at the demarcation line.
I deep conditioned again after the trim with Shea Moisture Organic Black Soap Balancing Conditioner.
Finally, I twisted my hair.

I’d say my hair came out pretty even. The only additional trimming I did after that was if I saw a straight end. The right side of my hair curls a lot more than the left, so the right side always looks a little shorter. I stretched both sides to see if it really was pretty even and it was. Surprise!

So far, my hair doesn’t seem to be in shock. I had great definition in my first and second twistout, which is what I expected. The pic that I posted of my style in the last post is after I separated and fluffed my twistout. This pic is before, but I thought it looked a little too tight, neat and uniformed. I wanted it a bit more wild. I tried to stretch it with my hands, to no avail. I ended up retwisting it into bigger twists to stretch it.


I’m still pretty anxious about styling, moreso because I have work tomorrow. I haven’t found a style that I absolutely love… or even really like for that matter. Everything just seems ok to me. In addition to that, I have to take this ridiculous humidity into consideration. So basically, whatever style I do will look a million times fuller by the end of the day.

I also think I need a different type of moisturizer. Something water based. My ends felt pretty dry today. I applied some EVOO, but that didn’t seem to do the trick. Guess what I tried next… KimmayTube Leave In! Remember I said it was too watery before? We’ll see how it goes with my new hair! LOL

I’m excited that now I can set some hair growth goals for Shelli’s hair growth challenge over at hairscapades.com. I already know my hair is going to grow so much, so fast. My hair was always like that.

Thanks for your encouragement and support! Love you forever!


This is a first!

I did my Big/Mini Chop! I grew my relaxer out for 16.5 months. It got to the point where it seemed pointless to hold on to the thin, relaxed ends. I ended up cutting it myself. Nobody came to my hair cutting party. It could be because I sprung it on them at the last minute! LOL

I actually don’t miss the length (at least not yet). This is the first time in my life that I’ve had short hair (except when I was 2, before my hair actually grew in). I think I took off more than I originally planned, but I don’t think I took off anything unnecessary. I think if I use a lot of gel, my hair can go into a ponytail.┬áMy only concern now is styling.

How did I know where to cut? Easy!

This is when I first cut all of the relaxed ends off. I kinda like this look better than the “styled” look.

I originally planned to take off 3-4 inches, but it looks like I took off more than that from some areas. As far as donating goes, I don’t think my hair meets the 10″ requirement for donation. Besides… I think I’ll keep my ponytial… in a ziplock bag. Don’t judge me.

…and here’s my styled hair. Eh, not my favorite style. I did small twists to achieve this look. The curls on the right side of my head are still much tighter than the left side.

So now when you guys say that it takes time for you hair to adjust, what exactly do you mean?