100% Natural – Day 2

It feels great to have 100% natural hair. I don’t regret cutting it. I still don’t miss the length surprisingly.

My Process:
I washed my hair with Kinky Curly Come Clean.
I deep conditioned it for about 30 minutes with Shea Moisture Organic Black Soap Balancing Conditioner.
I rinsed all of the conditioner out.
I applied Kinky Curly Knot Today and some Extra Virgin Olive Oil. (If you noticed, this is my standard routine.) Once I finished that, I could clearly see exactly where I needed to trim.
I sectioned my hair into 4 quadrants.
I sectioned each quadrant into 3 vertical strips and I trimmed at the demarcation line.
I deep conditioned again after the trim with Shea Moisture Organic Black Soap Balancing Conditioner.
Finally, I twisted my hair.

I’d say my hair came out pretty even. The only additional trimming I did after that was if I saw a straight end. The right side of my hair curls a lot more than the left, so the right side always looks a little shorter. I stretched both sides to see if it really was pretty even and it was. Surprise!

So far, my hair doesn’t seem to be in shock. I had great definition in my first and second twistout, which is what I expected. The pic that I posted of my style in the last post is after I separated and fluffed my twistout. This pic is before, but I thought it looked a little too tight, neat and uniformed. I wanted it a bit more wild. I tried to stretch it with my hands, to no avail. I ended up retwisting it into bigger twists to stretch it.


I’m still pretty anxious about styling, moreso because I have work tomorrow. I haven’t found a style that I absolutely love… or even really like for that matter. Everything just seems ok to me. In addition to that, I have to take this ridiculous humidity into consideration. So basically, whatever style I do will look a million times fuller by the end of the day.

I also think I need a different type of moisturizer. Something water based. My ends felt pretty dry today. I applied some EVOO, but that didn’t seem to do the trick. Guess what I tried next… KimmayTube Leave In! Remember I said it was too watery before? We’ll see how it goes with my new hair! LOL

I’m excited that now I can set some hair growth goals for Shelli’s hair growth challenge over at hairscapades.com. I already know my hair is going to grow so much, so fast. My hair was always like that.

Thanks for your encouragement and support! Love you forever!


7 thoughts on “100% Natural – Day 2

  1. I need a video tutorial of how you prep your hair. I’ve been wearing my hair straight for the past year and totally forgot how to style my hair when i decide to leave it curly lol. Also where can i buy the products you listed.
    -signed Forgotten Curly Stush

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