New Style

I had a BBQ to go to yesterday and I wanted a new style to wear. I was going to see people I hadn’t seen in years, so of course I wanted to look super cute. I remembered that on Friday a patient came into the office and she had two small cornrows in the front of her hair and a huge, high bun. I loved it. I decided to do a spin off of that style.

I did a cowash with Giovanni 50/50 Balanced Conditioner. I didn’t leave it in long, but I rinsed with cold water. I sectioned off a piece in the front for my flat twists and did a high bun in the back. The style came out great, I just think I did it a little too tight. Perhaps I’ll loosen it a little bit today. It took me no time to do and my ends are protected.

I wonder how Kim Coles is doing with her hair. She doesn’t update too often. =(