New Style

I had a BBQ to go to yesterday and I wanted a new style to wear. I was going to see people I hadn’t seen in years, so of course I wanted to look super cute. I remembered that on Friday a patient came into the office and she had two small cornrows in the front of her hair and a huge, high bun. I loved it. I decided to do a spin off of that style.

I did a cowash with Giovanni 50/50 Balanced Conditioner. I didn’t leave it in long, but I rinsed with cold water. I sectioned off a piece in the front for my flat twists and did a high bun in the back. The style came out great, I just think I did it a little too tight. Perhaps I’ll loosen it a little bit today. It took me no time to do and my ends are protected.

I wonder how Kim Coles is doing with her hair. She doesn’t update too often. =(


4 thoughts on “New Style

  1. This is super cute! I don’t think its too high at all. Maybe add a flower or decoration next time.

    Oh so I saw a video of a lady who did something similar. She made it a texturized bun. It was cornrowed in the front and in the ponytail. Then when it was dry, she loosened all the braids and pinned the bang to the side and pinned the ponytail in a texturized bun. Did you see it? I think it was on

  2. Thanks sooooo much for the video. I may try it… or maybe something similar. I didn’t really love the piece in the front. She has very pretty, healthy looking hair though.

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