16 Months Deep!

Today I’m officially 16 months post relaxer!!

I have more than 60% natural hair. I’ll have a better estimate when I wash it again. I’ll also be sure to include pics (probably tomorrow). I’ve been sticking to my hair care regimen. My products have been consistent. I think I have a good idea of what my hair likes as far as shampoos and conditioners go. The next thing I’ll be experimenting with it styling products, but not just yet.

I’ve been pretty consistent with taking my multivitamin and biotin. My water intake has been pretty consistent, but it wouldn’t hurt to increase the amount. I’ve been learning how to do more cute protective styles (Thanks YouTube!). I just need to try sleeping more. I spend a lot of time on the computer looking at hair related sites when I come home from work. *shocker* I end up going to sleep really late and I know that’s not good for me… or my hair!

If I had balls, I’d cut off the relaxed ends of my hair. My hair has grown to the point where the new growth is well into my ponytail. *hi5*

I love my natural hair. I keep wondering why I ever relaxed my hair. Well… I know why, I just don’t understand why I would have wanted such lifeless, limp hair. Natural hair has so much life and personality and energy and versatility!