100% Natural – Day 3

Last night I was trying to decide how I should have my hair for today. My first day back to work with short hair! Lol.

I contemplated playing it safe and having a ponytail or twisting it again, but with some new products. Generally when I twist my hair, I don’t use gel or any product that would give my hair a hard hold.

Last night I bought Kinky Curly Spiral Spritz. I really wanted the Curling Custard but the store was out of stock. I also bought Organic Root Stimulator Twist N Loc Gel. KaiRox143 (On YouTube) always raves about it.

I used the KC Spiral Spritz in the back two twists and it made my hair really wet and I noticed that it was shrinking my hair. That’s not what I wanted. I’ve been trying to achieve a stretched twistout. I used my Curls Creme Brulee in the rest of the twists. When I finished twisting my hair I wondered to myself why I didn’t use the ORS Twist N Loc Gel, so I smoothed some of it over my already twisted hair.

To my surprise, my hair came out exactly how I wanted it this morning. I didn’t have the heart to put it into a ponytail. Needless to say, I really like the ORS Twist N Loc Gel.

If I wasn’t going to work, I’d prob fluff it more, but I’m sure the humidity will handle that. I’m so nervous that the humidity will make my hair HUGE. *Fingers crossed* that it doesn’t.



2 thoughts on “100% Natural – Day 3

  1. The twists came out so defined. Very cute. You are right about not fluffing too much because the humidity will surely expand your hair.

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