A few new styles

Of course yesterday when I tried wearing my twistout to work… it rained. Thank God it was in the evening, so I was headed home anyway, but my hair got very frizzy.

I was reminded yesterday that hair that lacks moisture frizzes. The analogy used was that a soaking wet sponge can’t absorb anymore water. That’s food for thought.

I received some “interesting” comments from random people about cutting my hair, but those get no love here.

Here are some styles I’ve tried so far. Still looking for my “go to” style. I am definitely glad I waited until my hair could go into a ponytail before I cut it.

Any style suggestions?





8 thoughts on “A few new styles

  1. i really recommend hairmilk.com for great styles. But I suggest, flexi rods, bantu knot outs, flat twist outs and the plain old WnG

  2. So I just subscribed and I figured I better start commenting before you call me out as a lurker lol! I love your hair! I know it was hard to big chop so much length but your hair looks so plush and healthy and soft! I like doin two strand twists and rolling the ends with straws. Once dried completely it will give you a textured fro….I wish i could offer info but I havent big chopped…. The first photo is my fav style tho πŸ™‚

  3. I dont have a blog… I just lurk LOL Ive been thinking about blogging for almost a year I havent decided on it yet due to a crazy college schedule but I need to start one because I joined GOC on hairscapades and I think blogging is a good way keep track of my progress

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