Nothing New

Almost a week has passed since I’ve done anything with my hair. I did my side bun last Thursday. I usually take my bun down and at least redo that part. This time… only once. That’s a good and bad thing. Less manipulation, but I didn’t moisturize my ends daily or even every other day.

I haven’t had time and I haven’t really felt like redoing it. I may even put it back in the same style when I take it out to wash it.

Usually my two strand flattwist gets frizzy, but it’s staying so neat this time. I have been putting various oils on it (the front of my hair). I even tried coconut oil yesterday! If you know me, then you know my hair doesn’t like coconut oil (except for when I pre-poo), but it worked out well.

Yup, nothing exciting over here. Bunning until February! I do have some
product reviews coming up though and hopefully some new bun styles.


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